Repairs and Overhauls

Ensuring that your engines are in ideal condition to operate properly and optimally is remarkably vital. Whether you choose to make the necessary repairs, have an overhaul performed, we provide broad overhaul and troubleshooting service portfolio covering major brands and models such as:

MAN B&W, Sulzer, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Wartsila, Hyundai, Akasaka, Hanshin, Stork Werkspoor and Mirrlees Blackstone.

MAN B&W, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Wartsila, Bergen, Royce-Rolls, Mitsubishi, Niigata, and Cummins.

Fuel oil pumps, Ballast pumps, Cargo pumps, Stripping pumps, Seawater pumps, Emergency Fire Pumps, and G.S. Pumps.

Components Reconditioning

Reconditioning represents an attractive alternative for maintaining engine components to maximize their safety, longevity and performance. We provide highly skilled reconditioning services for your engine components including Cylinder Cover, Piston Crown, Fuel Pump, and all part of valves including exhaust valves spindle, valve seat, exhaust valve cages and valve housing.

General Machining

With state-of-the-art equipment, our workshop are capable to cover a variety of general machining needs, including honing, grinding, lathe machining, line boring, milling and drilling.

Other General Repair Services

We offer broad range of general repair services including repair and troubleshooting of AC/DC motor. Remove, refit and modification of piping, tubing and machinery works, as well as cooler and impeller. Resurfacing of pumps casing, covers, impeller and cooler covers with brush able ceramic coating are also available.

Supplying Marine Spare Part and Equipment

We carry a comprehensive stock of quality original replacement parts from major brands, including:

Main/Aux Diesel Engine & Generator Spares Parts for
B&W, Cummins, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Niigata, Akasaka, Mitsubishi, Hanshin, and Sulzer.

Pumps for
Naniwa, Shinko, Heishin, Teikoku, Taiko Kekai and Hamworthy.

Oil Separator Complete & Spare Parts for
Alfa Laval & Westfalia Separators, IMO Pumps, Iron Pumps, Moatti Filters, Boll & Kirch Filters and Plate Heat Exchangers.

Global Service

At times, unexpected break down may be occurred at the most inconvenient time. With our capability to travel anywhere in the world in timely manner, we are organised to deliver a rapid response to cope with your emergency breakdowns whenever and wherever you need us.

Recent Project

Take a look inside some of our completed and ongoing projects to
learn more on what we work on.
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Anchorage Johor, Malaysia
Yanmar 6N330EN Workshop Component Overhaul


ASL Shipyard
Yanmar 6N330EN Insitu Major Overhaul


ASL Shipyard
Hyundai Himsen 7H2132 Engine Overhaul Part 02


MMHE Shipyard

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